hackdoc:// HSCloud Docs


Hackdoc is a tool to automatically serve documentation based on a checkout of the hscloud source.


Any Markdown submitted to hscloud is visible via hackdoc. Simply go to https://hackdoc.hackerspace.pl/path/to/markdown.md to see it rendered.

You can pass a ?ref=foo URL parameter to a hackdoc URL to get it to render a particular vesrion of the hscloud monorepo. For example:

Special Markdown

We should be accepting a Somewhat Standard Subset Of Markdown. For reference, we’re using the blackfriday library with CommonExtensions enabled.

In addition, we also support Table of Contents autorendering, just place the following anywhere in your document to render a TOC:


Local Rendering

To run hackdoc locally on a filesystem checkout (ie. when working on docs, templates, or hackdoc itself), run:

 bazel run //devtools/hackdoc  -- -hspki_disable -docroot /path/to/hscloud

The output log should tell you where hackdoc just started listening at. Currently this is by default. You can change this by passing a -pub_listen flag, eg. -pub_listen